Why Choose Us

We are an animal mad family, my daughter Danielle and myself just love to walk and look after all different pets.

Danielle has a British National Diploma in Animal Science and has vast experience in animal care and training. she has worked in different kennels around the UK including Grey Hound showing and racing. she also has worked in a cattery.

My name is Kerry and I am just mad about all animals from Horses to Butterfly’s, I have always lived with and been around pets including dog cats rabbits chickens hamsters mice, snakes and one of my Favourite Tortoises.

We have always had pet dogs and looked after our friends when they went on trips. Also having trained our dogs we understand how to talk to the dogs and how to act around nervous dogs. I run a dog walking group for over 2 years with 65 members teaching and socialising all breeds of dogs.

Kerry’s favourite dogs are great Danes! And Danielle’s are Irish setters.

Most of our walks will be with our lovely Dog Toby the Labradoodle.  he is very good natured and loves to play and walk with other dogs.  he is so gentle with puppies and helps and encourages them to play and socialize with other dogs.